Clones of Clones – Mr. Sanity

Who They Are: Full of passion, kind of nerdy, sort of mad-scientist-y but never pretentious– they’re a group of four guys that just want to have a good time with music, and to share that spirit with their listeners. They’ve got a sound that strikes a nostalgic cord with millennials, dishing out their own take on the soundtrack that defined generation Y’s childhood. In bonding over the music that they love and grew up with, clones of clones have created a musical byproduct that is both fresh and familiar.

Why I Like Them: Ok, so this band has a nice unique sound. I’m really enjoying the soaring vocals and almost wistful rhythm of the tune. Lyrically I can get on board with the story they are telling. I could see this song used in a movie soundtrack no problem. In one of the good parts of the movie, the part that makes you all happy inside. You know what I mean.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Sure. I like unique.

The Band is:

Ben Payes – Guitar / Synth / Vocals
Nick Scialli – Bass / Guitar / Vocals
Todd Evans – Guitar / Synth / Vocals
Brian Abbott – Drums

Where You Can Buy It:


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