Leona’s Sister – Night Turns Into Darkness

I love the grungy guitar work, that always makes me smile. While this chick sounds nothing like Courtney Love I have to say that she has that same vocal style. Kinda sloppy delivery with a lot of grit and feeling in each line. I hope that came out right because I love Love’s voice and mean that sloppy bit as a high compliment. It’s hard to do that style of vocal with out it sounding bad. This girl is any thing but bad, bad ass maybe. I really like her register, it’s the deeper end of the register for ladies and all rock. Musically this song is 100% rock. There is the nice tight drum line that sets a perfect pace for the song. As I said there is a lot of dark grungy guitar work setting a sinister tone that matches the lyrics in such a lovely fashion. I think the chorus is extremely catchy, your going to want to learn the words to this song.

I am entranced enough with this particular tune I would be happy to check out the rest of their catalog. I’m not one to suggest cover work to any band, yet some how I would love to hear this chick cover some Hole. She has the perfect voice for just about any thing that band did. I would put this on my Power Ladies playlist with all my Hole, Joan Jett, In This Moment and Halestorm. I have this feeling that the vocalist here is taming that fabulous voice and I would love to hear it fully unleashed. I’m hoping that one of their other songs has here really belting out some lyrics.


Who They Are:

“Leona’s Sister” was originally a recording project created in 1998 by JT. With a few friends, she went into Studio92 and recorded the first CD, “Almost Alive”. In 1999, the project developed into a more regular pattern and the band “Leona’s Sister” was born. More songs, new players, another visit to Studio92 and the second CD, “Out Of The Basement”, was born. Also in 1999, JT was almost killed by falling ice. This brought the band to a halt but she continued to write songs.  In 2010, even though JT was still dealing with a lot of headaches from the injury, JT and Baz discussed reforming the band and approached Mike, their jamming partner. They also recruited Barb and Len who they met in the League of Rock’s winter 2010 session. 2011 saw Leona’s Sister back to Studio92 where they recorded their latest release. In August 2011, they released a 5 song EP titled, 552010. Mike left the band in August 2012 and Dave Hanson joined the band just in time to head into Phase One Studio where we recorded “Fishing” with producer David Barrett

The Band is:

Joyce (JT) Twohig – Vocals, Guitar
Len (Blud) O’Sullivan – Guitar
Dave Hanson – Guitar, Vocals
Barry (Bazman) Twohig – Bass, Vocals
Barb Piatkowski – Drums

Website: Leona’s Sister


Youtube: LeonasSister

Where You Can Get It:

Bandcamp soundcloud_logo1_1_c6844f[1]  reverbnation-iconblack[1]


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