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I’ve come to appreciate certain aspects of instrumentals. I like that I can put it on and listen to it, yet still have a conversation with someone and not feel like I missed out on something. To me that is important. I have times where I just want to have every one shut the hell up so I can listen to music and other time (more often than not) I want music in the background while I’m chatting it up with the hubby or kids. This is one of those chattin with the fam kinda songs. It’s got a good up beat pace which keeps a nice energy going. Think Herbie Hancock from the 80’s only with a serious industrial edge. On this one I kept wishing for lyrics because I think the music is solid enough to carry them. That being said vocals weren’t necessary for the song. Again, personal preference.

I wish I was more into instrumentals so I had a more solid background for reviewing them. While I get a lot of them and I am developing an appreciation I can’t say that I have much of it on my personal server. However I did like this tune and can see throwing it on one of those background music kinda lists. I could put it with a couple of songs that just came to mind. There is one instrumental from Linkin Park, its short but it exists and then there is Nine Inch Nails. I think this would be a good fit with those bands.


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Music is the universal language. Thank you for visiting my page.

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Andy Manning




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