ZOMBIE SAM – Family Portrait

I reviewed this song for the full album review that I did on Rebelmouse not too long ago. I considered just copying that review here. I decided not to do that for a ton of reasons I won’t bother to go into. But one was I thought the existing review wasn’t much in the way of detail, so I’m starting over from scratch for this one.

ZS’s music is always an adventure, a lot of time it feels like an adventure in crazy land. Family Portrait is no different. There is a chaotic nature to this sound that works so freaking well. I think it’s the same thing that Manson had going for him back in the day when he was making music like Lunchbox. The dark overtones matched with the upbeat drum and guitar lines are nothing short of amazing.  The carnival effects with that La la la stuff is so damn creepy it’s awesome. I’m a huge fan of the guitar work in this song. It’s just so completely spot on; fast, heavy and it doesn’t take over the song. The composition is straight flawless.

Though it does have some theatrical elements, metal fans shouldn’t shy away from this track. It’s got everything you want in a true metal track. Thunderous drums, killer guitar line, sweet bass rhythm and a bad ass vocal track. I would put this song on a list with the Carpenters because it’s so awesome.


Who They Are:
ZOMBIE SAM is a SOUNDTRACK – MUSIC PRODUCER able to arrange every kinds of genre in music. Orchestra conductor learning everything from the almighty “Claudio Abbado”…
Sam travelled a lot working with many orchestras in Europe and composing music sheets/sound desnigning for advertising, bands and solo artists.

► In early 2011, Zombie decided to create something all by himself, linking his huge passion for horror and “Tim Burton” style movies, dark soundtracks and ambient sounds with his heavy and massive guitar riffs and orchestral sound. On 5 march, 2012 he released his first official EP “ZOMBIE SAM” (via MURDERED MUSIC/CORONER RECORDS)

►On October 2012 he decided to start recording the new album “SELF CONSCIOUS INSANITY”
A strong expression of music created and arranged in various ambiences (fable, fairytale, Horror, Halloween and electronic). This Album has been produced by NeroArgento in the “AExeron Media Studio”and and mixed and mastered by Ettore Rigotti in The Metal House.
This album conteins two guests: his friend SOPHIA ex main vocalist from BLOOD STAIN CHILD on “A HALLOW TALE” and “THE AWAKE”.


►March 2012 – ZOMBIE SAM (EP)
►March 2012 – NEROARGENTO – The Advertising Box (EP)(Untrust song)
►June 2013 – ZOMBIE SAM – Self Conscious Insanity
►December 2014 – SEASON OF GHOSTS – The Human Paradox
►2014 – SILVERBLACK – Silverblack
►2015 – ZOMBIE SAM

Actually working on many projects in the “INVICTUS MEDIA STUDIO” and travelling to collaborate with many artists too.

The Band is:
ZOMBIE SAM ▶ Guitars/Producer/Composer/Orchestra Conductor





Where You Can Get It:

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