Amerakin Overdose – Medicate

Who They Are: Amerakin Overdose is an Industrial- Metal / Shock Rock performance art act from Portland, OR. Known for hypnotic dance beats and horror style theatrics, blended with heavy driven metal riffs, the band brings a very user friendly sound that promotes accidental cardio via involuntary movement of your head, feet and body. The combination of heavy dance music mixed with onstage antics are a freak show in action, a nonstop visual and auditory stimulate from the first note to the last. True to the band motto; they “Get Shit Done”.

Why I Liked It: If Slipknot and Marilyn Manson had a baby, this would be it. I love the always on nature of it.  On rare occasions I’ll listen to a song that has that lull in the middle, but to be honest when I’m listening to metal I really prefer kicks my ass the whole time.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Some bands grow on you as you open yourself up to more of their music. While I wasn’t as bowled over with this song right up front as others I feel like this is one of those bands that if you just “look at the cover” you’re going to miss the best stuff.  So yes, I plan to check more of them out and so should you.

Amerakin Overdose Is:

Cody Perez
Freeman Manfree
“The Human”

Where You Can Buy It:

Bandcamp Website

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