Maggie Cocco – Get Me (Down)

Well this is a very different kind of song from what I’m used to. It has a very old school almost Motown feel to it. Maggie’s voice is really amazing. She really knows what her voice can do and she works it like no one’s business.  I love how strong and confident she is in her delivery. And those clipped notes are absolutely perfect. The musical composition is also superb! Nice work with the guitar and drum lines, and the occasional addition of the keyboards and sax are just an awesome addition.

I loved grooving to this track. It’s so different from what I’m used to that it just puts a smile on my face. I think about the only thing I have in my collection that would work well with this song is some of my soundtrack music. I have Eddie and the Cruisers as well as Streets of Fire. Both of those cult classic movies have killer soundtracks that would be a perfect fit for Maggie Cocco’s song.


Who They Are:
Maggie Cocco’s debut album, Get Me, dropped on 12/13/14. Recorded at PreSonus Studio Blue in Baton Rouge and featuring Jim Odom (guitar – Louisiana LeRoux), Jeff LaBarr (guitar – Cinderella), Neal Laymon (guitar – War N’ Love), Roland Guerin (bass – Allen Toussaint), Nelson Blanchard (keys – Louisiana LeRoux), Mark Jordan (keys – Bonnie Raitt) and Tim Courville (drums – Gregg Martinez), “Get Me” is a collection of songs composed by Maggie in her first 22 years. The result is an eclectic, genre-bending album that spans the gamut of Maggie’s influence and experiences to date.

The Maggie Cocco Band performs works from “Get Me” and even newer Maggie Cocco Originals. Operating out of Southeastern Michigan, The Maggie Cocco Band features Neal Love (guitar – War N’ Love), Brian Edwards (bass – War N’ Love), Justin Bates (keys – SunTribe) and Christopher Williams (drums – Ode to Canvas).

The Band is:
Maggie Cocco
Neal Love
Christopher Williams
Brian Edwards
Justin Bates



Where You Can Get It:

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