Killezzy – No Emotion


I really like the R&B aspects of this song. For the most part I like the lyrics. There are some parts that would prevent me from playing this around the kiddo’s. I find that is an issue for me with a lot of rap oriented songs. I have to be mindful of the language around the small ones. The vocals make me very curious because I can tell this cat can sing but they opted to use a filter on his voice. The story is really good and one I think most people can connect with on a base level. Especially that part about “I promise we gonna find a way”. I thought that was a pretty powerful message. Musically I would like to hear it with a full band. By now that should be expected from me. Now that being said I thought this one had some interesting modulations.  I get live with that because I didn’t get bored listening to it.

This one is making me wish I had more rap/R&B in my personal collection. I would listen to this when I’m by myself or with my friends. I don’t have much any thing in my stash that would really work well with a track like this. As always I’l be sharing this with some of my rap/R&B friends. I’m fairly confident that this will be well received by all of them.

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