Sebzzz – Self Esteem (Offspring Cover)

This was thrown at me through a twitter user and I couldn’t not post a review. I’m a huge fan of covers in general and I have been listening to The Offspring since their first single dropped. I happen to be of the opinion that they can do no wrong, so I tend to get a bit, um, elitist when it comes to covers of their songs.

This one happens to fascinate me in new and exciting ways. When I first listened to it I couldn’t help but think that it sounded like a cross between The Talking Heads and The Cure. There is a nice slow burn intro with some static that reminds me of listening to vinyl. The down beat drums are a really interesting punctuation to the song. It’s for sure the rhythm of the song, you can’t mistake it but there is something just a bit off from the original. I really dig the whistling parts as it adds an almost whimsical touch to what is really a pretty down song lyrically.

I feel like the vocal style works well with the musical choices and the song’s lyrics. The guy sounds a little bitter and disenchanted which is appropriate for the story being told. While the original track made me laugh (I know people who live this life) because of the lyrics, the cover makes me feel sad and even a bit angry for the guy. But as he said, “I really think it’s better this way” so how bad can you feel for the guy?

I think it would be fun to que up both tracks back to back and listen to them. The choices that Sebzzz made were so unique that comparing the two songs would be impossible but incredibly fun to try. So long story short if your a fan of The Offspring and you like a good, weird and wonderful cover you have to check this one out.

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