Calling Tempo – One Night Only Demo

I’m kinda crushing on that cello right now. It was hard for me to hear the lyrics the first time around. Silly laptop speakers, so I had to transfer the audio over to my stereo. That’s much, much better! At least I can sorta hear the vocals. I like what I’m hearing. That guy’s voice is really nice and an excellent pairing for cello work. I’m fairly confident that I spotted guitar work in the mix as well. There is no drum line but I don’t really miss that with the round full sound of the cello.

I got to hear enough of this song that I know I want to hear more. I can’t say anything bad about the production because it’s clearly marked as a demo. I think it would be a good fit with some Apocalyptica or some of the old Type O Negative. I really loved the cello work and the vocals were really well done. I’m looking forward to hearing another song so I can get a much better feel for this group. I encourage you to do the same!


The Band is:

William Taylor
Krystyna Taylor




Where You Can Get It:

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