I love the flow of this song. I also tend to agree with the lyrical content. Everybody wants something they can’t have. I think that’s a problem we can all connect with. This is probably one of the best raps I’ve had the privilege of listening to. It’s got some hardcore rap elements, but I wouldn’t worry about listening to this with my kids around. I appreciate that. It’s one of the reasons I tend to stay away from the genre. The flow here is amazing, the rhymes are tight and the music is a nice accompaniment to the flow. The vocals are definitely where the emphasis is.

I mentioned I wouldn’t worry about my kiddo’s being around when this song plays, so let me clarify a few things with that statement. There are some adult words used here, but I promise it’s nothing your kids haven’t heard you say before. There isn’t a lot of stuff about slappin hoe’s or drug deals or shooting people. This is what I consider an “everybody” kind of rap. We can all understand what he’s talking about no matter your socioeconomic role. I would actually list this song with some Rise Against and Rage. Mostly due to lyrical content.




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