Agony in the Garden – In Despair We Rise

You would never now to listen to Agony in the Garden that it’s a one man band. In that aspect he reminds me of Trent Reznor, very cool. I gotta say I kinda like this jam. There is some thing about it that reminds me of the metal in the 80’s. Those guitar riffs are totally retro, but used in a way that makes it perfectly new and relevant. I love some of the hot dogging that he’s doing. He’s got the skills so show em off baby! Vocally this is one of the best metal voices I’ve heard in years. Deep, rich with a bit of grit and that just perfect range. The drum line isn’t the most complex one I’ve ever reviewed but don’t take that to mean it just lays there. This guy is obviously working his ass of playing the line. It’s not really an uptempo song but it’s not exactly slow either. You just have to listen to it.
Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes. I like the voice a lot and those guitars are staying with me already. I think this song would be a perfect match to a list with some Sevendust or better yet some old school metal. Maybe some of the (dare I say) slower metal jams from the mid 80’s.


Who They Are: Mack Perry the one man band that is Agony In The Garden (AITG). Submerged in a rich sound filled musical background ranging from Blues to Metal, Mack combines these multifaceted influences to create a wall of sound engulfing the listener at the event horizon and never letting go. A vocal enigma possessing a most exquisite range. A voice so powerful, ferrying infinity to it’s end. Wielding legendary guitar skills, rhythm and licks cold enough to freeze the flames of hell, the man is a beast on bass and ground quaking drums. Lyrics that could only be written in the stones, they will echo through eternity. Mack writes daily and practices rigorously a minimum of eight hours a day. He is the vocalist, guitarist, bassist and drummer for Agony. Agony’s music was introduced to the world in April of 2013, taking the music community by storm. Finding a position at #1 of Reverbnation’s charts and maintaining it. He has proven to be an unmovable force to be reckoned with. Fans worldwide…

The Band is:

Mack Perry
Where You Can Buy It:

Unsure at the moment.

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