The Hyena Kill – Bleached

Manchester based band The Hyena Kill released Bleached last year. It’s a banger, blending hardcore and alt rock to create something fairly unique.

The song starts off with some cleaner chords to build the hype and then drops into the main tune. The dynamics between the lower key alt rock sections and the higher energy screamed sections help make the song feel alive and constantly changing. The vocalist has great aggressive screams and I really enjoyed the noisy, dissonant guitars behind him. The drums are also a high point — they’re full of energy and keep the song moving forwards. I do wish the bass had a more aggressive tone so it could shine more during the quieter sections but that’s just personal preference.

Overall I really enjoyed this track. It’s on the shorter end clocking in at just over two minutes but it’ll grip you the entire time. In the immortal words of Sum 41, it’s all killer no filler.

If you’re into harder music definitely listen to this one. It reminded me a bit of another English hardcore band I like, Gallows. Check out Bleached and learn more about The Hyena Kill at the links below!

They Hyena Kill Official Website
The Hyena Kill on Bandcamp

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