Code Orange – Swallowing the Rabbit Whole

I was turned on to this band a few months back and every time I hear something new by them I feel like my personal definition of Metal get’s re-written. Reviewing Swallowing the Rabbit Whole was not on the agenda, but when I was trolling twitter I was seeing a lot of links to the song and I quickly realized this song is exactly what I need to hear and review on this sub zero Monday.

There is a lot to unpack on this song when it comes to the review, so let’s get to it. I want to start with my favorite part and that’s the drum line. The intro is dominated by the drums despite the fact there are other instruments at play. There is some sparse keyboard work that lends to the really dark tone of the track, but it’s the drums that keep you going. The odd and seemingly random sound effects in the intro create a really deep almost disturbed feel.

When the song kicks in full force with all instruments added and the vocals your face is going to melt. Vocally this track has just about everything you could want. There is some really legendary screaming for the bulk of the song, but there is also some clean vocals that allow for some really sweet highs and lows. The guitar work spans the gamut with some finger flaming licks but I’m also hearing some more mellow riffs in the less intense portions of the song.

Towards the middle of the song there is this break where the music is minimal and the vocals are clean. My neck appreciated the break from the extreme amount of headbanging I was already doing. I especially liked the ending. The trail off effects and the slow dark feel left me ready and wanting more.

The more I listen to Code Orange the bigger a fan I am. Fans of hardcore heavy metal are going to really love this track and if your just getting into the scene, Code Orange is a great band to start with.

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