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Q&A Agony In The Garden

In doing the music reviews I’ve been lucky enough to become friends with some of the amazing artists that I’ve listened to. One such artist is Mack Perry of Agony In The Garden. I was so moved by his talent I knew I had to do a Q&A with him. For me it was simple, listening to his music brought about the questions naturally. Thankfully Mack was super cool about answering my questions. I hope you enjoy my brain picking session with the man behind Agony In The Garden, Mack Perry!

MB: As a one man band, what is your process like when it comes to writing music?

MP: I always hear the entire piece in my head complete. The tricky part is breaking it down. After running through the piece on guitar/piano my next step is then drums, bass, guitar and vocals. Everyone truly has their own way. I’m still looking for mine. Lol!

MB: Who are some of your musical influences and why?

MP: I have so many musical influences it is hard to name them. Being a child of the 80’s in an era so mixed and diverse allowed me to gain many. Later becoming a musician many guitarist and bands became more of an influence on my work. I have to say some of the most influential would be Dishwalla/JR. Richards, Alter Bridge, Tremonti Project, Ronnie James Dio, Sevendust, Joe Satriani, Killswitch Engage, Dream Theater, Andy James, Al Joseph. There are so many it’s almost impossible to mention them all. Each one of these artist and the innumerable list of my other favorites all share one thing; passion for what they do. It takes a lot to wake up every day and do anything over and over whether you like it or love it. They all do this seamlessly.

MB: I really love the drum and guitar work in all your songs. What is your favorite instrument to play?

MP: Thank you! I greatly appreciate the compliment. I have to say my first love is guitar. I believe it is the instrument I identify with the most. That has nothing to do with my recent sponsorship from WT. Foster Guitars lol! Although I have to say if guitar wasn’t my favorite it is hands down now! Thanks WT. Foster Guitars.

MB: Listening to your vocals I am often reminded of Ronnie James Dio. I know you have listed him as an influence in your work before. So I’m wondering if the vocal similarities are something you work towards or is it naturally epic.

MP: Lol! Wow what an incredible compliment. I am completely humbled by that. Dio gave 100% of himself. While doing this he wasn’t in character that was simply who he was. Pure legend man, pure legend. No if, ands or buts. If you say that you hear Ronnie James Dio just in 1% out of what I do, I’ll definitely take that! There are very few compliments in life capable of giving such an honor.  I have listened to Dio not only for the vocal chops but for his bands incredible music. Holy Diver was a part of my regular practice regimen at one time. I think that he has influenced me. I don’t try to sound like him but rather borrow his theme on energy and attack on some of Agony’s songs.

MB: I was looking for a tour schedule or a list of upcoming shows. Are you doing any live shows? How do you handle playing live as a one man band?

MP: I don’t have a tour schedule up yet. I am hunting for band mates as we speak so as to bring Agony’s brand new EP Where Olympus Dwells to a stage near you delivering the best possible show Agony can. There are a couple of live radio shows I will be on. All the dates and links will be posted on Agony’s website,  I actually can’t wait to get out on the road and tour with mighty axe made by Hephaestus himself, AKA WT. Foster Guitars! Hey kids eat your veggies and get a WT. Foster Guitar.

MB: What would be your dream concert lineup?

MP: That’s a really tough question. Ok:

Agony In The Garden,  a crowd warmer of course getting the stage ready for:

Yep, you guessed it Ronnie James Dio, Alter Bridge, Killswitch Engage, Sevendust, Black Label Society, oh heck any band I’ve ever heard before I would be honored and proud to share the stage with. It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid in a garage band or the biggest band on the planet. I treat everyone I meet the same way so definitely an honor.

DivaShane I’d like to take the time to thank you for this incredible interview and as well as thank anyone who took time to read it. I really appreciate it, more than words. Please allow me to add music is the one tie that binds us all, without friends, fans and family none of us would be allowed to dream awake. It’s ok to dream, perception is truly reality.

One last shameless plug, Agony’s EP Where Olympus Dwells and single Rain written for the book Garden by the most excellent author Jane Yates is now available at iTunes, Amazon and many other most excellent sites. You can also get a Fan Bundle (a Digital EP & Agony Tee) at from the best merchandise dealer on the planet. Band-Brand Rocks!

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