Animal – Instinct

The chaotic intro is totally fabulous! It’s like some crazy sinister carnival music in hell. When the song kick in to full gear we are treated to some exceptional screaming vocals. What is he saying? I don’t know nor do I care at the moment. I know it sounds great. This is one of those songs you put on when your really pissed at any thing. Thrash your way to sanity or some such shit. Musically I can’t imagine how they are keeping time. This jam is so fast and furious that it’s hard to take a breath. So the players better be in top shape for touring! The drums are a step past relentless and those distorted crunching guitar cords could seriously kill lesser players.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: For those day’s of hate fueled rage I think I need this song on a playlist with my Slipknot. This is a piss off your neighbors kinda tune so get it on a playlist and turn it up to 11!


Who They Are: Unknown at this time.

The Band is:

Unknown at the time.

Where You Can Buy It:

Unknown at this time.

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