Benjamin Bubb – Contemplative Moonwalk

While I’m not really a fan of ambient music this one has me intrigued. The music is beautifully layered so I know I’m going to need to listen to this one multiple times before I will be able to say I’ve heard it all.  Upon first listen I would close my eyes and envision a beach on a starry night. Waves crashing into one another while I lay on the warm sand and drifted. Very relaxing indeed! The synth work is really well done. It creates such an amazing network of sounds that your mind can play hopscotch on. For creative types this is a must have. Allow yourself to drift and let your mind find the creative answers your looking for.
Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I think I might download this one for those day’s when I’m having a creative block. All I would need is about 5 minutes alone with this song and I would be ready to go. I don’t think I would put it on a playlist just because I don’t have any thing that this would be a fit for. If you are a fan of ambient music you really have to check this track out. I know it’s going to be one you want to keep with you at all times.


Who They Are: Benjamin Bubb is an independent artist, musician, graphic designer and blog writer, amongst many other talents. Throughout Ben’s life music has been an important aspect of living, and as a kid he played on keyboards, synthesizers and the piano. He is a self-taught musician in his twenties, who looks inward to compose music, and plays from the heart, as Ben’s motto is “Music from the heart!” His professional skills include: Composition, recording, audio editing, mastering, graphic design of cover art, and more. Ben’s music is described by his fans as relaxing, calming and enchanting; and, currently has six musical offerings released (3 albums, and 3 single songs.) Ben is also a blogger who writes about the music industry, life, and other related topics. His goal in life is to touch others with his heartfelt compositions and bring peace, joy and love to the world through sound and music.

The Band is:

Benjamin Bubb

Website: Benjamin Bubb

Twitter: @BenjaminBubb

Youtube: Benjamin Bubb

Where You Can Buy It:


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