Breaking Belief – Whispers in Silence

That voice reminds me of some thing, I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe like if Joe Cocker did some serious rock and roll. Either way I really dig it. It’s got a groovy rock vibe that I’m really appreciating. The chorus is great and I’m pretty sure I’ll have it going through my head later tonight when I’m trying to go to sleep. The guitar work has a great gritty edge to it. It’s not overplayed but still a key element to the song. There are some parts where Rob get’s a chance to tear it up with his ax, very nice work by the way. The drum line Jamie gives us is nice and upbeat, very much a rock style with tons of energy. As I said before I really liked Scott’s voice a lot. It’s not a common style in the rock world which makes it really stand out.

I liked what I heard enough to check out some more of it. While this particular song was fun to listen to I am not sure I want to download it. It doesn’t really fit any of my current lists but I might get it for a one off list or when I just want to throw some random songs together and see where the music takes me. I don’t mean that as a criticism to the band in any way. If it was I wouldn’t be interested in check out their library. I’m confident they have other songs that would completely bowl me over.


Who They Are:

Norwich based Alternative/Pop/Rock band Breaking Belief reformed back in 2009 with original members Scott Slater, Jamie Slater and Rob Leman-Brown. A month after they reformed, spending 3 years apart, they wrote their debut single Whispers in Silence (Released in 2011) and their debut EP Firefights Begin (Released in 2012). The band started recording Whispers in Silence at Ashwood Studios in November 2011 and recorded, produced, mixed and mastered Firefights Begin in their practise room.
Their earlier work sounded influenced but Breaking Belief have found their own unique sound and style through writing. Every song they write expands their already diverse original vocabulary. Smooth sweeping vocal harmonies layered with powerful, gritted lead vocals is the fundamental structure. Stacked behind are loud but immersing drums, a heavy played bass with an extra order of low end and beautifully composed guitars that turns the song into a work of pure musical art.
Breaking Belief are currently recording their second single and debut album at Ashwood Studios.

The Band is:

Scott Slater – Lead vocalist/bassist
Rob Leman-Brown – Guitarist/backing vocalist
Jamie Slater – Drummer/backing vocalist





Where You Can Get It:

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