Brett Vogel – Hallelujah

I love the original song so much that I tend to judge covers of it rather harshly. However I’m hard pressed to find anything wrong with this beautiful cover of a classic song. Brett’s voice seems like it was born to sing this melody. There are just enough slight change up’s and runs that it’s not an exact clone of the original. It’s certainly something special and we get to know a bit about Brett when we listen to it. The simple guitar line is done so well, clean and clear. The cello in the background is just one more layer to soar through as you close your eyes and float to your happy place listening to it. I just want this song to go on forever and ever.

Did you listen to it? Isn’t it the most perfect thing ever? You want this song to don’t you? There is something about this song that is so sad, wistful and hopeful all at the same time. I want to download this to the server and the phone. I can see myself driving around listening to this and singing along. As far as a playlist I honestly can’t come up with anything right now I would pair this with. I think it could go with just about any slow tempo song you could come up with. If you have suggestions on who you would put on a playlist with this song, let me know!


Who They Are:
BRETT VOGEL is an accomplished singer/songwriter who has performed throughout the United States and has opened for acts Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons, Collective Soul, and Flickerstick. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Vogel is a dynamic and distinct vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist. His debut album “Lonely Traveler” received critical acclaim and his song “No Grace is Goodbyes” won a RAMI award for record of the year. Vogel is currently in the studio recording his sophomore record “The Albatross” after an 8 year hiatus.

The Band is:
Brett Vogel – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica,
Jon Miller – Lead Guitar, Harmonies
Aniela Perry – Cello





Where You Can Get It:

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