Chemical Misuse – Weight Of Time

Who They Are: The initial spark of what would later become CHEMICAL MISUSE shined on April 1999 in Quebec City. During a number of years, the band acted as a cover band playing in several bars around the province. They then decided to stop playing covers and concentrate on their compositions. Chemical Misuse’s attitude is what makes them a “live” band. Their onstage energy is overwhelming and their sound is like a ton of bricks falling right on the crowd’s head. The band takes pride in recording their own material themselves in their own studio. The band’s reputation continues growing in the province of Quebec and with the fan-base constantly growing, the band will be able to accomplish its ultimate goal : DOMINATE THE WORLD!

Why I Like Them: The intro to this song is totally awesome. Nice steady build so when everything kicks in your ready for it. They’ve got some great harmonies going on here as well. Loving the awesome guitar solo they’ve got going on. The vocals are an excellent match to the music and lyrics they’ve got going on. This guy reminds me a bit of the lead vocalist for Chevelle. He’s able to do those long soaring sustained notes that are so needed for this kind of song. Maybe there is even a bit of Deftones influence?

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Absolutely. I dig their vibe.

The Band is:

Marc-Andre Buisson – Vocals
Stephane rheaume – Drums
Stephane Legault – Bass

Where You Can Buy It:

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