Louis Tomlinson – Defenseless

This is such a sweet little ditty! Not normally a fan of pop songs, I have to say this one has wormed its way into my grapefruit and isn’t letting go. I appreciate the tone and pacing of this track as well as the story the song is telling. I feel like we’ve all been here and that makes the song highly relatable. It’s going to have me up all night thinking about it!

I love the vocal tone through out the song. There is some really good falsetto work and his regular tone is just beautiful. There is just the tiniest bit of an edge to his vocals in the beginning but that levels out to this buttery tone for the rest of the track. One thing I enjoyed was at the beginning the music is very minimal and almost hidden behind the vocals. As the song continues the music becomes more apparent, but you can still hear that the focus is the vocal track.

Musically it’s a pop track so there aren’t any heavy guitar solos or blasting drums. Both the drum and guitar lines are fairly simple but extremely effecting for the song. There is certainly an emotional connection that is underplayed by the drum beat. While it’s not shoved in your face it’s pacing does keep the listener interested. As the music rises and falls through out the song it’s solid punctuation for the vocals. I am digging that guitar riff that pops up during the verses. There is something familiar about this song I can’t quite put my finger on, but the feeling I’m left with is a happy one.

As I said I don’t listen to a lot of pop music. I have some exposure to Ed Sheeran, Pink, Bruno Mars and a handful of others, so my take on this song may be a bit skewed. That being said occasionally you do want to take a break from headbanging and I think this is a great track in that respect. It’s fun to listen to and you will find yourself bobbing along listening to it.

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