Consider Me Dead – Breathe Me In

Well hello electro muisic happiness. There is such a funky beat happening in this song that you just wanna get lost in it and dance your little ass off. I’m betting this song does great at the clubs. The vocal range the singer has is really impressive. While I didn’t hear any 80’s high notes in this song there are still some rather high notes that are delivered perfectly. I’ve heard a lot of male singers who tend to get just a sconce nasally when they go into upper registers so it’s nice to hear the high notes pulled off so nicely. Musically the beat keeps you hopping and in tune with the song. If I had any detraction to this particular song it comes to the lyrics. There were a few times I felt pulled out of the song due to my lyrical snobbery. Personally I never let that stop me from enjoying a song but I admit I get a bit cranky about it.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes I would. I’ve already got their discography up on Amazon so I can prowl around and check out some more of their work.


Who They Are: Since forming in 2011, Arizona Electronic/Rock outfit Consider Me Dead has virtually exploded onto the music scene with their Self-Titled and Up In Lights EPs, in addition to tour dates with Blood On The Dance Floor and Jeffree Star. The band’s debut full length is set for an April 8th release through Standby Records.

The Band is:

Chris Brewington – @ChrisBrewington
Brandon Pettitt – @Brandon_Pettitt
Kevin McGuire – @Kevin_McGuire_

Where You Can Buy It:

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