Cosmic Crash – Here Comes The Rain

The best way for me to review this song is to tell you how it makes me feel. The intro had me feeling a bit nostalgic for the old days when I was listening to Springsteen. I am so in love with the vocals on this track. There is such a warm tone to his voice is like comfort. You can hear just a bit of gravel to his voice and it’s one of those unique styles that you have to listen to a couple of times to fully wrap your gourd around it. I love it. Have I said that to much?  It’s not an upbeat tempo song, not really it’s a bit more melancholy. When it’s over you really do want to hit play again.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes. I’m fascinated with Danny’s vocals. I have plenty of songs that I could build a playlist just for this song. I think I may just do that.


Who They Are: Cosmic Crash is a singer songwriter uniquely combining alternative rock with just a kiss of country.

The Band is:

Danny M. – Vocals

Where You Can Buy It:


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