As Strange As Angels – Curse

OH holy hell, this is my jam yo! I’ll admit it, this song is right up my ally. This is a guitar style, drum line and vocal track that I typically really like. This song is certainly as stand out though. I absolutely love the guitar hot doggery and the highs and lows.

The track opens and grabs you by the balls straight away. I’m excited to hear this song and I’m less than 16 seconds into it. It’s got just a smidge of goth stylings then launches into this heavy industrial feel. The vocals are nice and clean starting out with a good solid tone, though before long you get those gravely vocal styles that are a perfect fit for this song. There are a couple of really good screams peppered in the track. I love the scant use of the screams as I think it really puts some emphasis on the emotion behind the “noise”. Two runs through this song and I’m already catching myself sing along. That my friends is the sign of a good song. Vocally I keep thinking of Chester Bennington. There is something about this guys vocals that are giving me a Linkin Park vibe, if LP played a bit heavier stuff.

So can we talk about those drums now please? If you’ve read any of my other reviews you know I am a percussion freak. I love big drums, especially when used the right way in a song. I’m giving this drum line a solid A+ as I just don’t think it could have been played much better. I appreciate how the drums are faded into the background until you get to the chorus then BOOM! Drums all up in your grill. I’m so strong enough to love these drums!

I’m always down for songs that can combine that floaty, airy quality with seriously kick ass drums and more agressive style vocals. This song hit all my marks and a few more. I would for sure listen to this song again. I can see putting them on a playlist with some Linkin Park, I Prevail and Skillet for sure.

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