Logans Circle – Moved On

I am really loving those choruses. So far I think that’s my favorite part of the song. The intro is slow with a really great funky bass line. Good job on that one yo! The addition of the guitar line is really well timed. When it kicks in your ready for it. The vocalist has a really nice tone with just a touch of “edge” to his style. It does a good job at conveying the emotion of the song. But the really great part of this song is it’s chorus. I could listen to that part on repeat for hours. The drum work is audio perfection. While not the most complicated line I’ve heard it’s nice and tight, really pulling the whole track together and making it something you are going to want to listen to again. While this was not my favorite track from them (that is Harvest Calamity), this track certainly shows this is a band with some real talent.

As far as putting this song on a playlist I can see it pairing well with some Simple Creatures or some Anarbor. It’s definitely got that pop/punk/rock sensibility and would make for a great addition to a party list. Not because it’s lyrically a party song, but I can see the room bouncing to the music.

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think of it!

Check them out on Spotify!

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