Evenfall – Sacrifice

If you aren’t impressed by the guitar work right up front, you may wanna check your pulse. The guitar work alone is enough to want this song. The vocals just make you want it that much more. It has a slow burn intro that bends into a rhythmic tempo of pure bliss. I’m pretty sure this is what Godsmack wants to sound like. The drum line is pretty muted but provides the perfect anchor for the rest of the players to kind of float on. From time to time you can catch the bass line, which seems to blend the guitars, vocals and drums into an amalgamation of eargasmic sounds. The mid song guitar solo is worth of a Golden God award. The dirty vocals just there towards the end of the song are so unexpected but brilliant it defies explanation.

I can’t believe I’m not listening to them on the radio. I want this song on my server and on my phone and I want it right the hell now. It’s not the blazing fast type music that I’ve come to love so much, this is that slower (but not slow) burn that gets into your brain and won’t let go. Trust me when I say you will be singing this song to yourself days after you listen to it. You are going to end up downloading this track just like me. Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to hear more of Evenfall’s music!


If you aren’t impressed by the guitar work right up front, you may wanna check your pulse. Click To Tweet

Who They Are:
Evenfall started out as Broken Halo and Fate’s Reflection. They came together after vocalist Chad Ellis started singing for Fate’s Reflection for a side project. Broken Halo was in need of a Bassist, a Drummer, and a Lead Guitarist. After torturous amounts of discussion and debate, they finally decided to combine the two bands and become Evenfall.

The Band is:
Chad Ellis – Vocals
Afrim Kosovrasti – Lead Guitar
Dan Coleman & Dave Hochstadt – Bass & Rhythm Guitar
Mikey Rebel – Drums and Percussion




Where You Can Get It:

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