Forever Still – The Key

Who They Are: Combining melodic rock with the heavier strains of metal, and a touch of electronic elements, Forever Still has created an original and edgy, yet strangely familiar rock sound, adding a breath of fresh air to the international rock scene. Like it or not, Forever Still is here to stay.
The band formed back in 2010, when they decided it was time to give the music scene what is lacked – artists who are not afraid to be completely vulnerable and put the whole truth on the table.

Why I Like Them: I certainly agree with some of the things said in their biography. And if you read more about them you’ll see comparisons to Evanescence and Lacuna Coil. Certainly that is where I had intended to go in my review of the song.  Maja has the same high sweet voice that Amy Lee has going on. One thing about Maja though is this chick can also scream. That was probably my only disappointment with the song I reviewed. I got that wonderful scream but it was all the way at the end. This is no way detracted from the song to be honest, but with a scream like that I would have loved to hear it in the chorus.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Totally. I’m hoping that I’ll get to hear more of that insane scream of Maja’s.


The Band is:

Maja Schønning
Mikkel Haastrup
Chad T. Charlton
Carsten Christensen

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