Handa-McGraw & The Internationals – Juke Joint Medley

My initial thought was it reminds me of the dead, as in Grateful Dead. I gotta tell you the harmonica is really damn good. It’s got an old timey feel with out being dated. This track has a nice upbeat feel to it and though it had no lyrics I rather enjoyed it. All the musicians involved are really talented and that made this a joy to listen to.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I’m not sure I would list this on any of my playlists even though I thought it was a fun track. I would download it to have around for those days where I need a little bit of a lift. It would be interesting to explore more of their work.


The Band is:

Why I Like Them: World music that includes American roots music with an emphasis on instrumental expression both acoustic and electric. The music ranges from solo acoustic to full production numbers that incorporate a full tange of sounds and influences including electronic on some numbers. Handa-McGraw uses “The Boogie Underground” as the vehicle for the electronica, though some is incorporated into the more progressive numbers.

Who They Are:
Handa-McGraw world music team

Where You Can Buy It:

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