Imminent Riot – Fuck Off and Die

Who They Are: Imminent Riot is a 4 piece punk band from St. Petersburg, FL. They play riff-based hardcore punk with a little thrash thrown in for good measure.

Why I Like Them: Umm.. cause this some totally off the hook old school punk man! The disjointed rhythms and the pacing on the vocals. I’m feeling a total Dead Kennedy’s thing here. It has the right amount of attitude and almost dirty production feel. I’ve always had a hard time with trying to describe good punk music, so my best advice is to listen yourself and the love it.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Oh God yes. I love old school punk so this already has a place on multiple playlists.

The Band is:

Guitar & Vocals: Patrick Box
Lead Guitar: Brad Wolf
Bass: Paul Swomley
Drums: Cory Smoke

Where You Can Buy It:


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