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I love the guitar work, it’s not a complicated line but it’s a lot more than just the standard country line. There is some thing about his voice though that at times really makes me think of Jon Bon Jovi. It’s the same rich full tone that Jon has when he sings. I also love the higher notes that this John is able to rock in in an effortless style. The drum line takes a nice backseat to feature the vocals and guitar. Loving the arrangement going on, that totally rock bridge is brilliant in the midst of what most would call a country song. Lyrically this is a really “up” song. I mean if you don’t feel a sense of empowerment after listening to this song, get your feel good looked at.


I enjoyed this song well enough I would certainly listen to his songs for entertainment only purposes. As I mentioned before I see some solid similarities to J.B.J that I would pair this with some Bon Jovi tunes, some Daughtry and 3 Doors Down. I would call it my feel good list and put it on every time I’m feeling down. I would love to get a chance to see John play live.



With his twelfth release, Days Like These, John Taglieri defines why his career is right where he wants it to be. He has shown that musicians can make a comfortable living in the 2000’s without being a household name and relying on major label advances just to get through the years. He has an equal balance of career and family life and he is living both sides of the coin to the absolute extreme.

It’s finding that great balance which led Taglieri to Days Like These. “I’m very lucky” says Taglieri. “I have had an amazing career which has led me to amazing places. My wife and new baby are a fantastic support base and allow me to be all I can be musically.” The record adds to that balance with a great mix of upbeat material and ballads…songs about life and the ins and outs of it. “”Days Like These” was written the day my wife and I found out we were having a baby and truly talks about the amazing feeling of becoming a dad. ‘Finish Line’ is that song that I’ve always wanted to write…realizing that you need the downs in life to really appreciate the ups and how high they can go, and that its not where you’re going in life, but what you do along the way that really matters. ‘Toasting The Man In The Moon’ is a very introspective song. Sitting and thinking about life and all it offers and realizing that sometimes you only have to look at yourself to find the answers. This was a really fun Ep to write and one I’m really proud of.”

With the new Ep, Taglieri returns to his roots in a way. It’s his first full on melodic rock release since his debut album, Leap of Faith in 1999. Since then he’s explored the singer/songwriter format, pop music and with his last Ep, ‘Southern Paradise,’ he tackled his country side. “Its always been fun seeing what I can do. I’ve been called a bit schizophrenic as a writer since I have sort of gone all over but I like that. Ya never really know what to expect from one of my releases.”

For the Days Like These release, Taglieri recruited Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, Elton John, Bob Seger, etc), Alan Jax Bowers (Parrot Bay, Rachel Allyn) , Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean, Ludacris, Kelly Clarkson, etc), Lee Turner (Darius Rucker, Sara Evans, Big and Rich), Eric Ragno (Alice Cooper, Paul Stanley, Billy Gibbons, etc), Joe Gilder, Greg Juliano (Juliano Brothers), Chad Cunningham and Keith Lubrant (whose music you have heard on TV shows such as Real Housewives of Miami, Beavis and Butthead, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Young and the Restless and dozens more). “Its been SO cool to have my friends help me make this EP. Keith and I go back 15 years and started out together. Eric and I grew up together and its like life coming full circle. Its also amazing to me to be able to have some of my idols like Kenny Aronoff and Rich Redmond on this release. Its been very surreal to be working with them and really part of what my ‘Days Like These’ is about.”

One thing that has come up over the years is why John prefers to release Ep’s rather than full albums anymore, a practice he began in 2008 with his ‘Everything We Are’ Ep. “I sorta of saw the writing on the wall with how fans were wanting more than just one release a year. Two Eps was the same output but feeding the fans more regularly, engaging and building a great relationship with them.”

Becoming a father hasn’t slowed John’s touring schedule down a bit. He will still put over 200 shows on the books in 2014 and is once again slated to cross oceans to perform for the troops “Its been my honor to perform for the troops around the world for several years now and I’m looking forward to it always being a part of my career.” He also still has a residency in Key West, FL, where he performs every other month and he will once again hit the pubs, cafes and clubs of the Northeastern US and Mid Atlantic area to support Days Like These. “I LOVE being on the road. I’m looking to expand even more on where I’m touring in the coming year. Key West will always be a big part of it since I spend 6 months a year there. Its unlike any place I’ve ever played and has helped me really build my fan base.”

If everyone had days like these the world would be a much happier place.

John Taglieri – Vocals, Guitar

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