LoNero – The Hammer

My first thought was, Yeah, another instrumental; so not my thing man! BUT man this band is really damn good. That lead guitarist is amazing. Hey plays this one fast and tight and puts those frets though their paces. I didn’t understand the idea of guitarcore until I listened to this song, now I get it. I also thought the bass player was rather impressive as well. This song has a fairly snappy bass line to it and he handles it well. I liked the upbeat tempo of the song and I’m betting the drummer didn’t really break a sweat.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I’m a big fan of guitar work so I imagine I would probably listen to more stuff. I kinda miss some lyrics here but personal preference right? I have quite a few 80’s/style playlists I would through this onto.

Who They Are: LoNero gave birth to Guitarcore with their first release “Relentless” in 2007. Fourteen tracks of punishing rhythms and strong melodic hooks. From the time “Relentless” was released, musical barriers were not only broken, but shattered! Fans of nearly every genre responded with more enthusiasm than the band could have ever imagined which gave even stronger resolve to LoNero’s idea that the melody and song should be the most important aspect whether it’s instrumental rock or not. Guitarcore is about the song, the band and the fans! No limits, no borders, no nonsense.

The Band is:

Bill Lonero – Lead/Harmony/Rhythm Guitars
James Manili – Rhythm/Harmony/Lead Guitar
Nasser Abdalla – Rhythm/Harmony Guitars
Mike McKaigg – Bass
Marco Bicca – Drums

Where You Can Buy It:

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