Lucks Lane – The Truth Behind The Lies

I was totally stoked to get the opportunity to review this song. If you read my news updates, you know that this album doesn’t drop until Nov. 21st so consider this your preview. I’m loving the vocals, they are very 80’s hair band style and for me that’s totally awesome. This song has all the makings of an arena favorite. The tempo is not speed racer or any thing but your not going to be just swaying on a dance floor when you hear it. The guitar work is really well done. Lead guitarist Steve Potter has done a great job at picking his moments to show off his skills, while Joe ‘Kenny’ Daglish keeps up quite nicely with a steady rhythm line. The bass line is simple but creates a perfect bridge between the guitar work and Pete King’s steady drum work. Steve Cairney proves that the 80’s style of singing is not dead, but just getting better all the time. While there are no trademark high pitch 80’s screams (which were not missed by the way) the stead rock that is his style is a welcome shift from the grungy/screaming vocals I’ve been hearing a lot lately. I also need to give it up to Pete Moore who writes the songs. I’m a lyric freak and I really like his style and the story he’s telling.

Because I was lucky enough to get this opportunity I can tell I’ve listened to all of Story of Our Lives by Luck Lane and thoroughly enjoyed all of it. I’ll be reviewing the full album next weekend on my Rebel Mouse blog if you want to hear my thoughts on the whole album. What I will say is I do have a couple of favorite tracks and there is one that made my phone already. It’s been hard for me not to share this with my other music freak friends, so I can’t wait for the official release. I’m telling you, listen to the songs and mark your calendar so you can buy this as soon as it’s officially released.


Who They Are:

Lucks Lane is a rock band made up from like-minded musicians. They have joined forces to collaborate on the songs of songwriter Pete Moore. All the members have brought their own original ideas and unique styles to the band. Steve Potter is the lead guitarist and is the creative genius behind the guitar solo’s and signature riffs.
Joe ‘Kenny’ Daglish is the rhythm guitarist, but is a very gifted musician who is equally at home behind the keyboard and provides backing vocals for the band. Pete King is a very energetic drummer, he is the metronome for the band and as such, he always ensures they never arrive late for the end of a song. Steve Cairney is an extremely talented vocalist, who is very much at ease with all styles of singing. He has been responsible for making the lyrics become the center point of each song.  Dan Stimpson is the bass guitarist who can transform the feel of a song with a driving bass line. He can also play rhythm or lead guitar. Mikey is the bands sound engineer and has had a major influence on producing the bands distinctive sound. Pete Moore is the bands songwriter. He has been lucky enough to see his ideas take form from the talent of the other band members. He has surrounded himself with talented musicians in the hope that some of it might rub off!

The Band is:

Vocals: Steve Cairney
Lead guitar: Steve Potter
Rhythm guitar/keyboards/Backing vocals: Joe ‘Kenny’ Daglish
Bass guitar: Dan Stimpson
Drums: Pete King
Songwriter: Pete Moore

Website: Lucks Lane

Twitter: @LucksLaneBand

Youtube: Lucks Lane

Where You Can Get It:

Bandcamp soundcloud_logo1_1_c6844f[1]  reverbnation-iconblack[1]


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