Manic to Panic – Oh Cecilia (Born Ruffians cover)

Wow, this guy has an amazing voice.  He has a great range and is able to keep his voice nice and full no matter high or low. I also love the cadence that he’s singing those verses in. It’s great that this is an acoustic performance because I can really key in on those vocals and the guitar work. I mean holy hell the guitar is such a perfect match for those vocals. These boys are so full of talent it’s amazing.

I avoided watching the video while I reviewed this. I never watch while I review because I don’t want that to ever taint my review. Just listening to this song was enough for me any way. I can’t imagine that any one wouldn’t fall in love with it. Now I’ve not heard the original but I’m pretty sure it’s not better than this cover. I would damn near eat my shoe if it is. But in the interest of fairness I’m going to go find it. I’m also going to go find more of Manic to Panic’s music. Since I love the vocals and the guitar work I know I’m going to love whatever else is out there.


Who They Are:

The Band is:
Josh Tsakas – Lead Vocals
Tyler Tossounian – Lead Guitar
Justin Armour – Drums
Dylan – Bass




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