Nyte Eegle – Deadly Mist

Who They Are: Creating METAL/ROCK music from the heart and soul…. with PASSION….
from the HEAVIEST slamming vibes… to Driving hard edged romps….. to acoustic, ambient,, and soulful pieces….

Why I Like Them: If C.O.C. and Ozzy had a baby this is the offspring. You know what that makes it? Kinda freakin’ awesome that’s what. You’ve got these great dirty, grungy guitar sounds and a rather relentless drum beat keeping them all going. In some songs it’s hard to really pick out the bass line, but this track is an exception. I have to give a nod to the down tempo section of the song because the solo is amazing. I think it’s really kinda the best of both worlds musically. You kick me in the stones, but then you help me up.  How sweet.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes. I dig their style sound. I’m totally up for more from this band.

The Band is:

PT Swomley – (guitars, vocs, bass)
TIM Hahn – (drums, guitars, bass, vocs)

Where You Can Buy It:

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