Of Course Not – Contagious

I really like this tune! It reminds me of some of the Paramour I’ve heard. The lead vocals are so strong and yet it sounds absolutely effortless. The musical composition is so damn well done. Instead of having the standard track style, they were able to create a layered sound. At first listen one might confuse it for a chaotic melding of instruments, but listen a little longer and you’ll catch the layering effect I’m talking about. If feels like the drums, bass and guitar are weaving in and out of each other.  Another thing I really enjoyed was the vocal play between their female and male singers. They play off each other so well! The drum work really stands out for me, I love that thunderous drum work there in that middle break. The guitar line is equally impressive with some straight up power riffs that continuously make this an interesting, fun and entertaining track to listen to.

Of course I would listen to more Of Course Not! The poppy punkish nature of this song is one I’ve always tended to gravitate to. I would love to have it on my server and my phone. I would pair this one up with some Paramour, P!nk (I’m thinking Blow Me One Last Kiss) and Green Day. There are elements of these bands that would match Of Course Not’s song brilliantly.

Who They Are:
Of Course Not formed as a rock band in Joplin, Missouri in December 2011. Taking influence from artists like Weezer, Ludo, and My Chemical Romance, the band set out to differentiate themselves from the clutter of unoriginal music. Of Course Not started playing shows soon after forming, and by the spring of 2012 they had performed in several different states with national acts such as Never Shout Never, The Rocket Summer, and I Fight Dragons.
Of Course Not released their first demo CD in 2012, and entered the studio for their debut studio effort in December of 2012 at Zombielife Studios. The 8-track EP, titled Pushing Pencils, was released on February 8, 2013.
The band has now toured over 9000 miles in 22 different states. They are currently writing new material and seeking representation for the release of their first full-length album.

The Band is:
Guitars, Bass, Vox: Luke DeWitt
Keyboard, Vox: Torey Smart
Drums, Vox: Gerardo Rojas
Produced & mixed by: Kevin Gates





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