Osmium – So Sick Society

Who They Are: Osmium describe themselves as three 16 year old best friends who love to play some good old thrash metal. They began playing together in the 7th grade; from then on they have been forming a heavy and groovy sound of our own. They call ourselves Osmium because they are the heaviest of all heavy metal!

Why I Like It: I feel like I almost have to preface this with the fact that in my opinion one of if not the best guitarist ever was Dimebag Darrell. The reason I say this is that the guitarist on this track though having his own sound could have been taught by the master himself. The vocalist has that floaty thing going on that always gets me where I live. I’m also grooving hard core to the relentless drum beat.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Oh yea!  I’m really excited to see what these guys do as they mature as men and as a band.

Osmium is:

Coby Gray
Chase Gray
Jacob Garrard

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