Schemata Theory – A Complex Slate

I really loved just about everything about this song. Vocally there are some wicked awesome clean vocals backed by some equally sweet screaming style vocals. I even caught a few sustained notes that were dead on. The guitar work is pretty damn breathtaking! It’s obvious their guitarists have some sick skills when it comes to their instruments. I gotta tell you this has the kind of percussion I’m always on the lookout for.  Love those pulsing drum lines that tend to beat the crap outta you if you crank it like I tend to do. Between the varied vocal styles, the guitar work and the drum line this song is a major win for my collection.

This is one of those tracks that as soon as I heard it I wondered why I’m not hearing it on the radio already.  I can’t wait to hear some more of Schemata Theory’s songs. This one has me all like “I need this song right now!” I want it on my phone and my server plus I would love to play it on my upcoming radio show. This song would fit in perfectly.


Who They Are:
Schemata Theory is a six piece metal band based in Reading, Berkshire. Combining many aspects of the metal genre, the band’s debut album ‘Dry Lung Rhetoric’ fuses classic thrash riffing, progressive instrumental passages, melodic hooks and soaring choruses, creating music that is accessible, original and thought provoking. From the groove-metal orientated ‘Perish or Prevail’ to the piano driven ballad ‘Your Belief’ through to the more commercially melodic ‘Drones’ and catchy lead single ‘A Complex Slate’, the album is an experimental mix of eclectic metal infusions with the influence of bands such as Dream Theater and Metallica being prominent in the complex song structures, technical riffs and prominent guitar solos. The band consists of vocalists Myles Dyer and Luke Wright, guitarists Huw Roch and Mario Scinto, bassist Carl Quanstrom, and drummer Joshua Barretto.

The Band is:
Luke – Vocals
Myles – Vocals
Huw – Guitars
Maz – Guitars
Josh – Drums





Where You Can Get It:

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