Ships Have Sailed – Midnight

I love this track. There is an absolutely epic chorus that has to kill in concert. It’s not really got an overly upbeat tempo. I would call it more of a hopeful tempo. Hope that makes sense to you guys. They have this great big huge sound that ropes you in and compels you to listen. The vocalist is killing me with his tone. It’s like standing in that first ray of sunlight after winter. His voice is so round and full, you can’t help but love it. Musically this is a really tight song. There aren’t any big over the top moments for any of the instruments and I appreciate that. Hot dogging would ruin an otherwise perfect song.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes please! I’m not so secretly hoping they read this review and send me an mp3 of this file so I can add it to my phone now.


Who They Are: Like a boat at sea, there are infinite directions our lives can take and every choice we make effects the trajectory of the course we’re on. Ships Have Sailed is an independent, Los Angeles based artist whose stunning debut E.P., Someday, reflects the theme of how a simple turn can change the outcome of our entire future.

The Band is:

Will Carpenter
Daniel Hange
Mike Odabashian

Where You Can Buy It:

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