The MidSummerClassic – Space Queen

Just getting into this song I wanna do some thing I haven’t done in years. I wanna go dance my ass off. This really is a straight up pop/rock song and I love it. Its got a great hook and the chorus is contagious. Vocally that power is kinda pissing me off cause I cant do it. Generally in my world that means it was really damn good. There is a lot going on musically but it all works together in harmony. That beat really goes to work with out you even thinking about it. I am tapping my toes and bobbing my head with out even thinking about it. My friends when it becomes a subconscious thing than you have a winning song.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: If every thing they have is even half as good as this track I cant wait to add it all to my playlists. I have a couple of different lists I think I could add them to. I keep thinking some of the more upbeat Daughtry tracks would be a good match. But I think there needs to be a touch more rock in it than Daughtry tends to have. I would also put it on a list with my Good Charlotte maybe.


Who They Are: Energetic songs filled with heart-felt, relatable lyrics and catchy choruses describes The Mid-Summer Classic. The band came together in late 2008 and began playing shows January 2009. Within the first year, the band kept busy with opening for national acts, such as 12 Stones, Rev Theory, Meriwether, The Vettes, Tyler Read, and Windsor Drive, as well as playing at the largest nightclub in the country, Club La Vela in Panama City, Florida.

The Band is:

Robert Dobbs-Vocals
Eric Hebert-Guitar/Vocals
Aaron Trahan-Guitar
Dylan LeBlanc-Drums
James Ford-Bass

Where You Can Buy It:

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