The Oceans Above – I’m Gone

Who They Are: The band is made up of Adam (vocals), Dan (Guitar), Johnny (Bass/ vox) and Nat (drums). Dan, Adam and Johnny, were a part of a former band Many Falls and created The Oceans Above in search of a new direction. The band had only played one show before it was asked to play with up and coming Attention Thieves and Hopeless Records band Neck Deep, they were later asked to support such bands as, Smoking Hearts, Verses, Rat Attack and Roadrunner Records new comers Marmozets. Expect big things from this powerful rock unit.


Why I Like Them:  While I wouldn’t call this song “pop” it certainly isn’t so much of a rock tune. It lies some where in between. The vocals are really solid. I feel the emotions that he’s putting into this song. At some points his voice is almost to sweet for the song, almost. Something about it kinda reminded me of some Yellowcard stuff.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yeah, I want to see what else they have to offer.


The Band is:

Adam Ross: Guitar Vocals
Jake Mendham: Bass
Dan Thomson: Guitar
Pete Cornell: Drums

Where You Can Buy It:


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