The Snakers – Satisfaction

I opted for this song because old school Stones songs are sacred and this is one I’ve always loved. I liked the way The Snakers played this one out. About the only thing I can say I was disappointed with was it was alive performance so there a couple of times where the audience was a bit louder than the singer. Aside from that the song was a great cover. The players did an excellent job and were on point during the whole song. Vocally this singer has a bit deeper voice than Jagger, but I found that to be a good match.

I liked the cover enough I would check out the rest of their work. I liked the players a lot and it sounds like as a band they know how to work a crowd. That would make me want to see them live. I think the song would be best in a classic rock line up playlist wise. Some old Stones of course and maybe some of the more upbeat Seger and maybe Boston.


Who They Are:
The Rock’n’Roll is a magic carved with guitar , bass and drums , and remains so in time . In our shows we pay tribute to this magic. It retrace history through a journey of memories , impressions and lots and lots of quality music . There is room for all interpreters fundamental : The pioneers : Chuck Berry , Elvis Presley , Jerry Lee Lewis , Little Richard . The current English : Beatles , Rolling Stones , the Who, the Kinks . The exponents Americans : Beach Boys , Sam Cooke , Ray Charles , Isley Brothers . The goodies Most : The Marvelettes , Smokey Robinson , Bo Diddley , Little Eva , and many others. We do this with an obsessive attention to detail , because it’s the details that make the difference in the Rock’n’Roll and make it unique : The vocal harmonies for four voices . Vintage instruments : Gibson , Fender , Epiphone , Hofner , the tube amps and Vox Ampeg . The costumes inspired by the fashion of the boldest experiments chromatic . You will find all this . Above and below the stage ! And then anecdotes , incredible stories of musicians and singers who have made the history and geography of Rock’n’Roll , which is a surefire recipe : makes me want to dance. Makes me want to sing. Makes me want to get going and make your day better !

The Band is:
Fabio ‘LJ’ Angelucci – Chitarra ritmica e Voce;
Fabio ‘Mac’ Corrao – Basso e Voce;
Marco ‘Striker’ Bonfiglio – Chitarra solista e Voce;
Andrea ‘Snoopy’ Secli – Batteria e Voce;





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