The Spase – Pretty In Black

Some where in between The Beatles and Rock-a-billy lies this song. It’s all retro and brand new at the same time, my head is swimming! I was/am a huge Stray Cats fan so I have a love for the totally Rock-a-Billy vibe these guitars are throwing my way. The drum work is just so much fun to listen to. The drummer has to be having a ball every time they play. Vocally that voice is working for me. This guy knows what he can do and he does it really damn well. I just wanna go swing dance for a night listening.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes please! I have a nice warm cozy spot waiting for them on my Rock-a-Billy playlist.


Who They Are: The Spase is an indie/alternative band from Halton, between Manchester and Liverpool, who have a melodic and poetic style of music, according Tom Hingley and Loose Records. The band want to impart their music to as many people as possible. Currently producing their latest EP, The Spase will be shortly exposing their music to the world via their social media websites.

The Band is:

Wax, P & The Ghosts

Where You Can Buy It:


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