WhizDumb – Shush Girl

I gotta say I like the sampling on this song. It’s a much different kind of rap than I’m used to hearing. The chorus is really nice with just a bit of harmony. The flow is nice and easy, I love that there isn’t a hard edge to this track. The lyrics tell a good story that I feel like I can connect. It had a smooth vibe to it, nothing hurried which I think is a nice change of pace for a rap track. Initially I felt kinda Rick Rolled because the voice didn’t seem to be a match for rap music, but after a minute it sounded just right. I gotta say that his vocals make me think of the lead singer from Digital Underground, Humpty Dance any one?


Overall I liked the track. I liked the sample that they used. While I can’t recall the name of the song right now (thank you cold medicine) I recognized the tune instantly. I’m not sure if I would put it on a playlist but once again it’s because I don’t really listen to rap and I would hate to be disingenuous about it. All that being said I would suggest to any rap fan that you check it out and let me know what you thought about it. I know I’m not the best rap critic so some times my reviews are a bit short.

“Passion has been the drive behind every impulse to make my music. There is a consuming natural high present during the pursuit of a dream. I believe this elevated state of being is the underlying manifestation of my art. I’m inspired by an overwhelming hunger to constantly improve and reach the potential of creative imagination. The lyrics I write are deeply rooted in the observation of human behavior and the school of philosophy.” #WhizDumbSPEAKS

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