8 Minutes Later – Unknown Title

It starts off with a nice slow burn guitar line, that builds on itself while the drums come in. The solid bass line brings the tune together. It’s a live track so it’s harder than I would like for it to be to hear the vocals. From what I can hear though this is a really tight band with some stellar vocals. I like the rough quality to the lead singers vocals, it’s almost Springsteenish with it’s gruff every man quality. I wish I had a title for this song, but there wasn’t one listed on Youtube.

Sadly according to their Facebook page the band is disbanding. Despite the fact that I’ve only heard this one song a handful of times during my review process I’m saddened that they aren’t going to be putting out any more music. They are a great band and the players sound like they worked well together. I understand that some times things don’t work out in a band, much like a marriage. I hope that the members are able to move forward and continue to make music.


Who They Are:

8 Minutes Later are four paramedics who after years of playing on differing local scenes from Brighton to Swindon have come together to start a new project.
From the humble beginnings of playing in a garage to now practising and recording in their own purpose built studio, 8 Minutes Later don’t do things by half. With crunching guitar riffs punctuating each song and melodies that will have you singing for hours after the band have finished, this is a band that is going places and is taking you with them. From the anthemic rasping choruses of “Hesitate” and “Breaking Down Tomorrow” to the simple melodies of “Without Nirvana”, 8 Minutes Later has something for everyone. With their debut album out in late 2013, now is the perfect time to catch this band.

The Band is:


Website: 8 Minutes Later

Twitter: @8_Minutes_Later

Youtube: thevicswindon

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