Phazy Luckers – The More I Die

I like the intro, nice and clean plus you can hear the bass. The music for this song creates it’s own atmosphere I swear! That is totally awesome. The vocalist is like an amalgamation of every female singer I’ve ever heard. She has moments where she has the depth and gravel of Stevie Nicks to the high sweet tones that are reminiscent of Amy Lee. This is one rock solid song. There is a guitar solo worthy of grabbing sheet music. I realize I’m all over the place here so let me start anew with some attempt at focus. Vocally this is a stunning song, offering a glimpse into what this woman is capable of doing. The guitar work is equally stellar, treating us to a range of riffs that seem to float just above the surface of the song. I’m such a fan of any song where the bass line can be so clearly heard. The framework of the song is held together by their skilled drummer. This is a midtempo song with some up beat moments that are the punctuation of the track.

The things she does with her voice are simply astounding. There’s a warble there the is beyond beautiful. Matched with the musical composition this song is a winner. I could set this in a playlist with some Evanescence or the slower Smashing Pumpkins to the darker Foo Fighters stuff. Over all I have to say that I loved this track. It was more than enough to make me want to hear more from theme. I will be downloading this tune and putting it on my phone. I’ll most likely add it to my media server to. Then I can add it to some existing playlists to get the rest of the family listening to it.


Who They Are:

The Phazy Luckers is a 4-piece modern/alt rock band based in Geneva, Switzerland, comprising Roxane (vocals), Adrian (guitar), David (bass) and Math (drums).
Originally formed in Geneva in 2007, the current line-up was completed with the arrival of Roxane (vocals) in 2009 and Math (drums) in early 2010, since when the band has played various gigs in the Geneva region and nearby France, including an appearance at the prestigious Festiverbant festival in 2011.
Although clearly fans of 80’s and 90’s guitar driven-rock, the band’s style – Roxane’s challenging and disturbing lyrics, Adrian’s riff s, Dave’s weaving and intricate bass lines and Math’s powerhouse drumming – meld together to create a new take on high energy modern rock. The multi-national (Swiss, French and British) and diverse musical backgrounds of the band contribute significantly to the depth and breadth of their songwriting. To date, the Phazy Luckers have released two studio mini-albums, “Amnesia” in 2010 and “Luc Is Speaking” in 2012, the latter financed from their live appearances and sales of Amnesia. Both releases have been well received by critics, and successfully showcase the band’s love of heavy distorted guitar sounds and chilling vocals, their musical influences apparent but the style unmistakably their own.

The Band is:

Roxane (vocals)
Ade (guitar)
David (bass)
Mathias (drums)

Website: Phazy Luckers

Twitter: @phazyluckers

Youtube: Roxane Vedovati

Where You Can Get It:

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