A Joker’s Rage – Bounce

Loving the hardcore rock intro and that yell is totally awesome. There are some great sound effects weaving in and out of the musical composition that are reminiscent of some of the Zombie tunes. Vocally this is off the charts stellar! The song lies somewhere between pop and rock. But those guitar licks scream rock. Oh my god I’m loving this song so much. I wanna get up and dance my ass off listening to it. So I touched on a bit of everything, but let’s get into the meat and potatoes of it all. The vocalist has a great range with some memorable highs and lows. There are some great scream vocals to be found here as well in addition to a more “clean” style of singing. Currently I’m being treated to one of the best guitar solos I’ve heard in a while. All I can say is I really wanna bounce with these guys.

It’s no surprise to me at all that these guys have already started touring. From the get go all I could think was “why haven’t I heard them on the radio yet?”.  This song is so going on my phone ASAP as now that I’ve heard it I can’t not want to hear it again. You could put this with just about anything playlist wise that is rock. My gut reaction is to throw them on a list with some Nickleback, My Darkest Day’s and maybe even some Fall Out Boy.


Who They Are:

One of the fastest growing bands in the north of England with fans now travelling from far and wide, A Joker’s Rage, fronted by clown-in-chief Zakk Taylor, have a winning mix of powerhouse rock, hugely memorable tunes and a delivery not unlike being trampled by a herd of dinosaurs with their hemorrhoids on fire.

One minute the crowd’s moshing, the next they’re headbanging. Give it five minutes and they’re bouncing up and down. Take your eye off ’em for a second and next you know the whole heaving mass is waving their arms and singing along. Ah yes . it’s called having a bloody good time!

It’s a party, it’s celebration of great music, IT’S A PROPER ROCK SHOW and, let’s be honest, when did you last see one of those when you weren’t a mile from the stage and paying fifty quid for the privilege. You might have caught them blowing bigger and ‘better’ bands off stage, or storming a 2000 crowd supporting The Darkness. Whatever, you’re either a convert or about to be.

The Band is:

Zakky Boy Taylor – Vocals
Adam ‘Twiggy’ Gauton – Guitars
Al Scott – Guitars
Geordie Ginface – Bass
Matt ‘Bam Bam’ Collinge – Drums/Keys





Where You Can Get It:

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