Far Away Stables – A Beggar’s Plea

Such a sweet guitar intro, almost bluegrass with the style. The vocalist is going to blow you away. I’ve heard some amazing songbirds in my time but few have the power he does. Even when he’s pulled back and in a mellow groove you can feel all that strength behind the voice. It’s clear, round, full and oh so bold. There is just a bit of a ragged edge to his voice that he uses at will to put emphasis on certain lyrics. You aren’t going to be busting a move a move on the dance floor to this song, but you can take your S.O. out for a nice sway. Since this wasn’t an a cappella song, let’s chat about the music for a minute. It’s a really simple musical composition. It’s a great match for the lyrics and singing style. Nice light guitar and drum work underscore a simply amazing song.

I wish I had been able to get to this earlier in the week. I loved the song so much! Some songs just grab you and hold on, this is one of them. My phone will be better for having it on there and I will be pleased as punch to introduce this song to some of my friends. Playlist wise I see this working well with my slower paced Cold, Red and Chevelle.


Who They Are:

Forming in late 2011, Far Away Stables came together as one after merging several projects involving Tim Byles (Bass), Mitchell Grace (Guitar/Vocals) and Brendan Sheargold (Vocals) and then quickly recruiting long time friends Nick Palmer (Guitar) and Cam Bury (Drums/Vocals) into the band. Finding there sound came naturally after releasing THE ART OF MADNESS and A BEGGAR’S PLEA to a huge reception.

Far Away Stables may have only just arrived on the scene but are already amassing an intense following and have been unleashing their chaotic live show supporting the likes of international acts such as Paramore (USA), The Offspring (USA), Billy Talent (CAN), The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (USA), Lydia (USA), Jonny Craig (USA), Tilian Pearson (USA) and playing with local acts such as The Getaway Plan, Closure In Moscow, Hands Like Houses, British India, Northlane, The Rubens, Heroes For Hire, and The Bride.

With a sound that has been described as alternative rock, drawing on a mesh of influences like Angels and Airwaves, 30 Seconds To Mars, Brand New, Saosin and The Getaway Plan. It’s familiar, it’s catchy, and you won’t be able to put your finger on it. The infectious sound will leave you wanting more – so have a listen for yourself.

In March 2014, Far Away Stables released Atlantis with the lead single ‘WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?’ which received airtime from JJJ and MMM, as well as rotation on several US stations. Atlantis was received with critical acclaim with KillYourStereo.com giving it 9.5/10 and saying that “Atlantis is something that is genuinely unique and captivating” and that “this is a rock record that will be on your playlist”.

The Band is:

Brendan Sheargold – Vocals
Tim Byles – Bass
Mitchell Grace – Guitar + Vocals
Nick Palmer – Guitar
Cam Bury – Drums




Where You Can Get It:



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