Adam Jensen – Numb

I like the nice dark undertones in the song. But that voice is absolutely killing me. I mean the things I wanna do to that voice are probably not legal in certain states. It’s rich, full and really sexy. Those vocal breaks are amazing. The lilt of his voice is a perfect cadence during the chorus. The music is well composed and underscores his voice in the best possible way. And is that a violin in the background? I can’t quite tell what it is, but it’s really eerie and I love it. Also loving the lyrics a whole lot. This song is telling me a story and I’m buying every bit of it.

I’m already planning on checking out more of his music. That voice got me where I live so I have to hear more of it. It’s not a choice, I just have to. I would put this on a seduction list though I’m sure others would argue. But I was caught up far more in the sounds of this song than the lyrics. Just looking at it that way I could totally have this going on a list with “things going on” and be perfectly ok with it.


Who They Are:
Adam Jensen is an award-winning recording artist, songwriter and producer from Boston, MA. From an 8-year-old classically trained pianist, to a 15-year-old playing his first gig on the piers in Boston, to a 25-year-old rocking out at Gillette Stadium with Bon Jovi, Jensen has always known music is his path to staying out of trouble.

His debut EP, “Head on a String” (released January 29, 2013) and his follow up EP “Behold The Man” (released December 3, 2013), both peaked at #7 on the iTunes singer/songwriter album chart, as independent self-releases.

Formerly signed to Toucan Cove Records (Universal) and known as “Mission Hill,” Jensen has made a name for himself with a commitment to his songwriting craft and relentless gigging which includes dates all over the world and opening for artists such as Kid Rock, Train, Tim Reynolds and many more.

Jensen is nominated for “2014 Producer of the Year” and was up for “2013 Songwriter of the Year” at the New England Music Awards, and previously received the LA Music Award for “Male Vocalist of the Year.”

The Band is:
Adam Jensen (vocals, guitar, piano, bass, keyboards)
Alex Knutsen (guitar)





Where You Can Get It:

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