Disappearer – Dog From Hell (pcp mix)

I like the dark atmosphere of the song. It’s got a lot of really good almost demony guitar work. There’s also a stellar drum line at work here. I miss a vocal track, but that’s just me. I never really have understood the idea behind instrumental songs. However I do feel like this one is special. It’s not about “Hey, I’m the most awesome guitarist that ever lived!!”. This one seems to me more about creating an atmosphere and allowing the listening to visualize a story line for the music. I kinda like that part. I think the more I listen to instrumental music the more I understand it.

Despite my non love for the instrumental, I think this one I would like to download and keep around. I can think of several scenarios where this track would be awesome. For instance when my metal minded friends come over I can throw this one and we can enjoy it while we chat and stuff. Overall a good track and well worth the time to take a listen.


Who They Are:

Pedro Coelho Pereira
and the BDC (social assassins)

The Band is:



Where You Can Get It:

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