Alex Von Z – Two Wolves

Who They Are: Blending rock music styles with incredible creativity and positive life messages, Alex offers a unique style with common and enjoyable threads. Integrating influences from the 1960′s to current day and layering accessible melodies and modern instrumentation, Alex Von Z pleases a broad array of musical tastes. Possessing a commanding, yet touching voice, Alex connects with listeners while weaving meaningful lyrics and topics into fascinating stories with compelling emotion.


Why I Like Them: I love this guys guitar style. Its very 80s which you know is some thing I love. Vocally I liked his tone and overall it was a good match with the music. There is a really interesting break in the middle of the song that is a bit slower with a darker feel. I wasnt a huge fan of the lyrics but I would be the first to admit I may be just being bitchy.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I liked this track well enough that I want to listen to more of his work.


The Band is:

Alex Von Z

Where You Can Buy It:

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