Jerry Danielsen – Looking

Who They Are: It’s clear that Jerry writes from a voice of living life, be it a film or theater score, or a song. He is a composer, performer, producer, interdisciplinary artist, poet and educator. He has extensive experience composing music for film and television, theater, contemporary classical works, jazz, commercial, experimental, as well as music for electronic instruments and traditional orchestras.


Why I Like Them: So if the Beatles joined forces with Frank Zappa and did a funk song, this would be it. Does it sound mind bending? It is in the most delightful of ways. The groove on this track is totally awesome, and the chorus is going to be with me for days. There is a deliciously sinister intro for the song that breaks into this great poppy rhythm. Which is odd, because there is no world in which this track would qualify as a pop song. Jerry has a really great distinctive voice that is a real treat and works so well with the lyrics.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes. This was just a fun track to listen to. I liked the groove and vibe so I’m excited to see what else this guy has done.

The Band is:

Jerry Danielsen
Sean Danielsen
Jake Kilmer

Where You Can Buy It:

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